Terms of Website Use

Welcome on the clearwater.hu website (hereinafter: Website) operated by ClearWater Kft. (the Company).

This Terms and Conditions of Website Use (hereinafter: Terms of Use) indicate the rules concerning the use of the Website.

1. Definitions

User: Common definition of Visitor and Customer.

Visitor: The individual who visits the Website.

Customer: The individual who is already in contractual and customer relation with the Company and can order products through the Website.

Products: The products manufactured and/or distributed by the Company that can be ordered through the Website exclusively by Customers under the terms and conditions set in the lease and service contract and in the Company’s General Terms of Contracting (hereinafter: GTC).

Website: The clearwater.hu website of the Company.

Ordering on the Web: An option exclusively for the Company’s Customers to order products through the Website electronically under the terms and conditions set in the Customer’s the lease and service contract and in the GTC.

These Terms of Use and our Data Protection Statement include the rules of using the Company’s Website, the User’s entitlement and obligations.

By visiting, browsing and using the Website and by ordering through it the User confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted as compulsory for him/her the Terms of Use and the Data Protection Statement, furthermore, in visiting the Website and/or ordering he/she will observe the prevailing legal regulations and requirements as well as the Terms of Use.

Should the User not accept these Terms of Use and/or our Data Protection Statement, do NOT use the Website and the services offered there, please!

Without notice, the Company may modify these Terms of Use and the Data Protection Statement any time, or any other information on the Website by updating these Terms of Use and the Data Protection Statement.

The Company reserves the right of terminating the ordering through the Website any time and/or of changing the scope of products withount prior notice.

Users can use the Website and Customers can order through it at their own risk, and they accept that the Company does not assume liability for any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage that may occur in the course of use.

All information found on the Website serve only for orientation, the Company does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such information.

The Company excludes any responsibility for the behaviour exercised by Users, Users are fully and exclusively responsible for their own behaviour. The Company collaborates and provides information to the acting authorities as required to facilitate the detection of offenses.

The Website may contain links that lead to the sites of other firms. The Company does not assume responsibility for the data protection practices and any other activities of such firms.

The Company is entitled but is not obliged to check the contents that Users may make accessible in the course of using the Website, and the Company is also entitled but not obliged to search for signs referring to illegal activity.

The User understands that in using the Website he/she should act in compliance with the provisions of the prevailing national regulations. Should any of the activities in relation with the use of the Website not be allowed pursuant to the laws of the User’s state, exclusively the User is responsible for still using the Website.

Should the User detect objectionable content on the Website, he/she is obliged to indicate this without delay to the Company. If the the notification is found justified in a fair procedure, the Company is entitled to immediately cancel or modify the information concerned.

The Website is under copyright protection. The propriator or the authorized user of the copyrights of all contents, authors’ works and/or any other intellectual property (in particular but not exclusively the graphical elements, their arrangement and edition on the Website surface, the software and other solutions and ideas applied) accessible on the Website or through the links accessible during the use of services through the Website is the Company. The User must not violate the copiright of the Company, otherwise He/she bears full responsibility for the violation of such rights.

2. Terms of ordering on the Web:

The precondition of ordering products through the Website is the existing of a contractual relation with the Company.

The Customer can initiate orders by entering his/her customer ID and password (hereinafter: login indormation) and e-mail address. The Company provides a password for the first login of the Customer, which the Customer has to change upon his/her first login.

The Company excludes responsibility for damages due to the loss of any login information. In order to maintain safe use, the Company warns the Customer not to disclose his/her login information to unauthorized persons. The Company does not assume responsibility if third parties misuse the Customer’s login information and/or use the Website without entitlement. Should the Customer detect that a third party has misused his/her login information, the Customer is obliged to change his/her password without delay. Should the Customer forgotten his/her password, he/she can request the sending of his/her passwork again to the e-mail address indicated at logging in.

Upon logging in, the Company checks the login information indicated by the Customer, and the Customer can place his/her order only after such control.

Should the Customer’s contractual relation end by any reason, it may entail the termination of His/her entitlement to order, either.

The Company’s Website displays for the Customer the detailed technical steps of placing an order, these Terms of Use regulate only the most important details of ordering.

The purchase price is always the amount indicated next to the selected product(s) and does not include the general sales tax. The Customer understands that the purchase price of the product(s) selected for ordering is displayed according to the terms set in the individual contract concluded with the Company.

The Customer can order products only for his/her delivery day, urgent orders can only be placed through the Customer Service.

An order can be placed after the selection of the product(s) and the quantity to be delivered.

The Customer will not be able to place further orders if his/her outstanding invoice(s) prevent it. In this event the Customer can check his/her open orders and expired invoices in the Financial information menu item, and request detailed information from the Customer Service.

When the Customer has finalized the contents and data of his/her order, he/she may check the complete order in a sum-up window before sending it. After checking and approving the sum-up information the order cannot be changed or cancelled any more.

The Customer can turn to the Company’s Customer Service for information related to the order or to the product, and can withdraw or modify his/her order exclusively by the Company’s Customer Service through the following contacts:

Phone number: (06-27) 542-400

Fax number: (06-27) 542-401

E-mail: vevoszolgalat@clearwater.hu

The Company sends out an e-mail to the Customer upon the reception of the order. This confirmation serves only for orientation for the Customer that the Company has started the processing of his/her order. Should no confirmation go out for any technical failure, the Customer may turn to the Customer Service.

The Company accepts orders through its Website only if the Customer has completed all compulsory fields required for ordering.

The Customer understands that the lease and service contract between the Company and the Customer and the Company’s GTC shall be applied to the delivery, acceptance and use of the ordered products, the related terms of payment as well as to issues not regulated in these Terms of Use.

If any dispute between the Company and the Customer has not been settled by negotiations, the Customer can submit a complain with the consumer protection authority competent according to his/her residence, or may turn to an arbitration body functioning beside the professional associations for the amicable settlement of the consumer dispute out of court. The Customer is entitled to enforce his/her claim resulting from a consumer dispute with the court.

Placing an order through the Company’s Website assumes that the Customer knows the technical limits of the Internet and the acceptance of potential defects implied in the technology. For the sake of safe ordering, the Company suggests to the Customer to use virus and spyware protection software with fresh database, and to install the safety updates of the operation system.

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