ClearWater ÉpületClearwater Kft, proudly serving Hungary since 1995, provides a variety of products and services for homes and offices through Hungary. We pride ourselves on supporting our local communities by using Hungarian suppliers whenever possible.

Clearwater ensures the quality and consistency of our drinking water by using state of the art, reverse osmosis technology, to remove impurities from our spring water source, then we add back vital minerals.

Kiváló Magyar ÉlelmiszerWe offer three different types of bottle water dispensers.

• cool and room-temperature water dispenser machine
• hot and cold temperature water dispenser machine
• hot and cold and carbonated water dispenser machine

If you prefer not to have water delivered, we also offer the three options above, in a water dispense that filters water through activated carbon filters, directly from the water source in your home or office. (And if you own your own water dispenser already, we can deliver 19L water bottles only.)

But we are far from just a water company. We offer Lavazza coffee capsuls and Lavazza coffee beans, as well we offer a variety of locally sourced Hungarian juices, teas and healthy snacks. We buy from local farmers and businesses whenever we can, including 100% Derecskei apple juice, snacks, Frupka cooked tea, Szobi syrups and San Benedetto products.

We practice open book management, so every month we publish all of the important statistics about company results and put out to the common rooms.

We offer a variety of accessory products such as water coolers for children, Point of Use water coolers, a variety of cups and cup holders, water bottle storage racks and hand pumps.

If you need small individual bottles of water for your outings and active lifestyle, we provide (0,5 and 0,75 l) bottles with sport cap. In the larger format ClearWater sells bottles in (19L, 11L) purified water.

We attach great importance to environmental protection and your health. Our water bottles are sanitized and refilled, to reduce the impact on our environment and landfills.

To reduce electronic waste, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and save our customers money, we provide the PowerDown energy saving digital timer for our water dispensers. We program and install the PowerDown for you, so when you are asleep or away, your water cooler will shut off to conserve energy.

Our company excels not just in business life: we support several events, sports club and worthy causes. Across the country there are numerous cooling stations, where passers-by can refresh with ClearWater. In 2016 we participated 28 events during 46 days.

We offer cooler sanitization service for our costumers. The water dispenser will be replaced by an identical type while we take it for cleaning so that you will not be left without water even for a moment.

We also provide weekend delivery system for private customers. For the time being, this service is available in Budapest.

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